Venag Toolbox Wall

3,660.48  Brutto | 2,976.00  Netto


  • help to perform all repairs, such as repairing inner tubes, removing play, renovation, gears, brakes, etc.
  • unique design that protects the tools against weather conditions
  • tools additionally covered with a hydrophobic coating extending their life
  • tools with a hydrophobic coating to extend their useability


  • a set of proven branded tools secured with steel cords coated with PVC
  • phillips screwdriver
  • slotted screwdriver
  • torx T25 screwdriver
  • adjustable wrench
  • 8x9mm and 13x15mm spanner
  • set of allen wrenches
  • plastic tire levers (eliminate the risk of damage to the rim)
  • 10 bar pump allows to use valves such as: Dunlop DV, Presta SV / FV, Schrader AV

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Maintenance manual

Galvanized and painted
elements maintenance instructions
Stainless steel maintenance
Cleaning of architectural stainless